Wearable Low Vision Aids for Visually Impaired and Blindness

Knowing how to use the CCTV Video Magnifier is crucial for people with difficulty seeing due to low vision or blindness. At Vision Matters, when we go on no-obligation, in-home visits, we bring a variety of video magnifier choices to assist you in finding the best tool for your particular situation. Our goal is to deliver life-altering solutions with high-quality service and gentleness so our clients can make clear and informed selections.

What is Low Vision?

Low vision means notable visual impairment that regular glasses, contact lenses, medicine, or operation cannot improve. This condition is comprised of things like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and others. The sight of individuals with low vision varies in range, and their condition can make simple daily activities difficult. They need special tools to enhance their quality of life (such as reading glasses).

Vision Matters is an expert in providing helpful devices for people with low vision. Our products are made easy, assisting individuals with reading books, mail, newspapers, restaurant menus, and other things more comfortably. The video magnifiers we offer come in various types, such as desktops or mobile ones that can be carried around easily – ensuring something suitable for everyone’s needs and likings.

Legally Blind vs Low Vision

Recognizing the contrast between being legally blind and having low vision is significant. People who are legally blind possess a visual understanding of 20/200 or less in their better eye, even with corrective lenses, as well as a visual field that measures 20 degrees or less. This degree of impairment substantially limits daily tasks and frequently requires more specialized assistance aids.

On the other hand, low vision covers a broader scope of sight problems that are not as extreme as legal blindness. Persons with low vision might still have difficulty doing everyday activities and use optical aids, yet they possess more functional eyesight. At Vision Matters, we provide answers designed for the legally blind and those with low vision – ensuring that everyone gets the proper assistance to improve their freedom and life’s standards.

Visual Aids for the Blind

Visual aids for the blind are devices that help people with severe vision loss maximize their remaining eyesight and provide alternative methods of interaction. Vision Matters offers various options, including the following:

  • Desktop Reading Magnifiers: These work best when reading mail, books, and newspapers. They give a big view and can be handled easily.
  • Mobile Desktop Magnifiers are ideal for reading, crafts, writing, and hobbies. They take up less space than regular desktops.
  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers: These are created to fulfill reading requirements while travelers are out of town. They can be utilized to view items such as menus, can labels, recipes, and price tags.
  • Text-to-speech devices: These change printed text into sound speech, which means they can be carried and used for many different activities.
  • Wearable Headworn Devices: These are beneficial for watching television, reading books, face recognition, and many other tasks. They provide a hands-free approach to improving visual perception.

Visual Aids for Low Vision

Vision Matters has a variety of visual aids that are useful for people with low vision. These aids are made to match different levels of impairment and personal choices. Our products are simple to use, easy to understand, and appropriate for all age groups. These include:

  • Desktop Reading Magnifiers: These magnifying tools provide a wide range of views and are ideal for reading large pieces such as books and newspapers.
  • Mobile Desktop Magnifiers: These are compact and versatile, making them ideal for many activities such as crafts and writing.
  • Portable Electronic Magnifiers: These are suitable for people who require a mobile solution. They help with tasks like reading labels, menus, and other similar activities on the move.
  • Text-to-Speech Devices: These tools transform text into spoken words, giving a hearing option for reading printed content.
  • Wearable Headworn Devices: These tools are helpful when viewing things without using your hands, such as watching television or identifying faces.

We ensure every Vision Matters customer gets a tailored service to find the correct visual aid. Our in-home demonstrations give people a chance to test various equipments in a relaxed and familiar environment, aiding them in selecting what is most suitable for their requirements.

Contact Vision Matters now to arrange a no-cost, no-commitment in-house visit. We are ready to help you improve your living standards by offering suitable vision aids.