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Our Products

Desktop Reading

Easy to use, large field of view for reading mail, books and newspapers.

Mobile Desktop Magnifiers

Great for reading, crafts, writing and hobbies, with a smaller footprint than desktops.

Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Great for reading needs while on the go – menus, can labels, recipes, price tags and more.


Devices that will take printed text and read it to you – and very portable too!


Headworn devices are useful for watching television, reading, seeing faces and more.


A variety of accessories to help make your experience comfortable using your products.

More Resources

Washington Resources
  • EMP Living LLC – Adaptive lift chairs for people with physical disabilities.
  • Washington State Department of Services for the Blind – A premier resource for those with blindness or low vision, the Washington State Department of Services for the Blind can help to retrain and find employment for adult people with impaired vision.
  • Washington Sensory Disablilities Services: Blind/Visually Impaired – The instructional resource center from the Washington Sensory Disabilities Services department offers lists of online and physical resources for the blind and visually impaired.  They also sponsor an email listserv for visually impaired people and their families to network with each other for support and to share information.
  • VA Puget Sound Blind and Low Vision Rehabilitation Services – The VA facilities at Seattle and American Lake (Tacoma) provide Low Vision Optometry appointments, case management, assessments and training for Veterans with vision loss. American Lake also offers a residential Blind Rehabilitation Center for comprehensive training, lasting on average 4-5 weeks. Offerings include Orientation & Mobility, Visual Skills, Access Technology, Daily Living Skills, Manual Skills, and Recreation Therapy. A Visual Impairment Service Team (VIST) Coordinator is the first point of contact for Veterans with vision loss. Reach out to the VIST at either location if you would like information.

    Seattle: 206-764-2758
    American Lake: 253-583-1287

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