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Leading Low Vision Devices Company in Spokane

Explore cutting-edge low-vision aids at Vision Matters, the top provider in Spokane. Our advanced technology is tailored to improve the quality of life for anyone struggling with reading, using digital devices, or participating in activities they like. At Vision Matters, we prioritize providing individualized service to ensure customers receive customized solutions to fit their individual goals and preferences.

Vision Matters is situated in downtown Spokane and provides many user-friendly items to enhance daily activities and encourage self-reliance for people around Eastern Washington. Discover our services and the profound effect of our low vision aids.

Understanding the Impact of Low Vision

Vision Matters has gained a profound grasp of how low vision affects people’s lives over its twenty-year history. We work closely with eye clinics and healthcare specialists in the region to offer expert advice and support to customers with visual impairment. Endorsed by the American Optometric Association (AOA), our dedication to improving quality of life is evident in all our services.

How Vision Matters Can Assist You in Spokane

Receive empathetic support and professional advice from the Vision Matters team in Spokane. Arrange a free in-home demonstration of our vision aids at a time that suits you, enabling you to experience our products in a comfortable setting. We offer detailed lists of national and state resources to provide extra help beyond our services as part of our dedication to your comfort and convenience.

Exploring Low Vision Aids in Spokane

Explore a wide range of low-vision aids customized to suit your requirements in Spokane. Vision Matters provides innovative solutions that empower people of all ages with visual impairments, including reading aids and devices for daily tasks. Discover our selection of low-vision aids below.

Desktop Reading

The desktop readers and video magnifiers have spacious LCD screens and movable trays to facilitate easy reading. Enlarge text, modify contrast, and manipulate reading materials effortlessly to improve your reading experience.

Mobile Desktop Magnifiers

Our mobile desktop magnifiers are compact and portable, making them perfect for reading while traveling. These gadgets are lightweight, battery-powered, and offer convenience without sacrificing magnification quality.

Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Utilize portable electronic magnifiers for short-term reading jobs, such as reading prescription labels, to enjoy convenience. These gadgets are compact, user-friendly, and provide exceptional adaptability.

Text-to-Speech Devices

Explore our text-to-speech gadgets, including powerful Envision Glasses and user-friendly alternatives, to embrace modern technology. Convert text to speech effortlessly, improving accessibility.

Wearable Low Vision Technology

Enhance your vision with our wearable low-vision technology gadgets. These devices provide advanced capabilities like facial recognition and currency reading to assist with independent living.

Vision Device Accessories

Our functional and comfortable vision device add-ons will enhance your low vision aid system. Our accessories improve the functionality of your gadgets, ranging from carrying cases to ergonomic grips.

Embracing Spokane’s Vibrant Community

Experience Spokane’s dynamic community with outdoor activities, cultural happenings, and picturesque landscapes. Spokane provides numerous options for leisure and entertainment, such as touring Riverfront Park, attending local festivals, and visiting farmers’ markets. 

Contact Vision Matters today to see how our low-vision aids can enhance your life in Spokane.

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