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Expert Low Vision Devices Supplier In Bellevue

Vision Matters is a low vision devices supplier in Bellevue providing more than reading aids for the visually impaired. We want our devices to change a client’s life. Are you or a loved one struggling to read letters or cell phone messages from family members? Vision Matters provides the latest technology designed to help people living with low vision, blindness, or other conditions. We serve our clients with a gentle touch and help them make informed decisions about the devices that are best for their unique circumstances.    

Our headquarters are in the Bellevue area, but our representatives are available for client visits in Western Washington, Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana. We share more below about our services and the low vision aids that could improve someone’s life.

Vision Matters Understands How Low Vision Impacts People

Our Vision Matters team understands how low vision impacts people’s lives. We have been working closely with eye clinics across the Northwest for over twenty years, and many of our clients are referred to us by their doctors. The American Optometric Association (AOA) states that diseases and conditions such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and retinal detachment cause visual impairments, and low-vision devices can improve the user’s quality of life. Everyone at Vision Matters is expertly equipped to guide clients through the process of finding the best tool for their lifestyle.

How Vision Matters Can Help You In Bellevue

Vision Matters offers quality service with a gentle attitude. How can we help you in Bellevue? We provide a no-obligation, in-home demonstration of the vision aids at no cost to you and encourage friends or family to attend the demonstration. The products in our range are easy to learn and simple to use. Why do we come to you? Vision Matters wants our clients to feel comfortable and experience the devices in the settings they will actually be used. 

It can be daunting to find national and state resources assisting persons with low vision. Vision Matters provides a list of National, Washington, Idaho, and Montana resources as an additional service to our valued clients.

Low Vision Aids In Bellevue For Reading And Other Daily Tasks

As a low-vision devices company in Bellevue, we have a wide selection of devices to help you practice your favorite hobby and read restaurant menus or food labels when it’s your turn to cook. Our devices are user-friendly and used by people of all ages with various visual impairments. We give a short description of the low-vision aids on offer from Vision Matters.

Desktop Reading

Our desktop readers and video magnifiers have a large LCD screen and a built-in movable tray. You can magnify (enlarge) text, increase the reading material’s contrast and move the reading material around with the tray instead of by hand.

Mobile Desktop Magnifiers

Mobile desktop magnifiers are the perfect size if you want to read while traveling or out and about with friends; but don’t need a lot of magnification. They are lightweight, easy to transport, and can run on battery power.

Portable Electronic Magnifiers

Portable electronic low vision magnifiers are ideal for short-term reading magnifying tasks such as looking at your prescription bottle and are the size of a smartphone or tablet.

Text-to-Speech Devices

Do you embrace the benefits of modern technology? Vision Matters offers a selection of text-to-speech devices, from sophisticated Envision Glasses to other devices that are simple to use.

Wearable Low Vision Technology

Wearable low-vision technology devices can recognize faces and read currency, communicating with you via audio feedback. They give you a large field of view, auto-focus, and variable magnification.

Vision Device Accessories

Vision device accessories available from Vision Matters are designed to be practical and make using low-vision aids more comfortable.

Enjoying Bellevue’s Parks, Festivals and Fairs

Who wouldn’t want to live in a city with nearly one hundred parks and wonderfully leafy neighborhoods? There are  many events to visit with grandchildren, family and friends, from Snowflake Lane to the Wintergrass Bluegrass Music Festival and the Bellevue Arts Fair. As one of the largest arts and crafts festivals in the Northwest, it is a must-see for lovers of handmade items. The city also honors its farming origins with the Bellevue Farmers Market (BFM), held every week for six months, rain or sunshine.

Vision Matters is ready to help! Do you have questions about our low-vision aids? Do you want to discuss the unique needs of your loved one? Contact us when you want a low-vision devices supplier in Bellevue. We look forward to hearing from you.

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