The Future of Audiobooks: How Text-to-Speech Technology is Changing the Game

Books are the gateway to the imagination and the world. People have been reading books for centuries to gain knowledge as well as for entertainment. Many people find joy in reading books, whether traditional or electronic. However, reading for some isn’t a great experience. This is mainly due to vision problems. Fortunately, advancements in technology have seen the introduction of mobile text-to-speech. This groundbreaking innovation is not only changing the way we consume literature but also democratizing access to books in unprecedented ways. In this blog post, we will explore the impact of mobile speech-to-text devices and how they are shaping the future of literacy experiences.

How Habits Around Literature Consumption Have Changed

The coming of the digital age has changed how we carry out various tasks. The widespread availability of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones has made literature more accessible to the masses. No one needs a physical book as their stories are at their fingertips, literally.

The introduction of audiobooks has made reading even more convenient. People no longer have to sit down to read a book but can listen to the audiobook version while carrying out other tasks such as driving. Audiobooks have made reading more inclusive. People who might struggle with reading in the traditional sense such as those with visual impairments can now enjoy stories and other literature through narration.

However, this isn’t all, the introduction of text-to-speech technology has made it possible to turn any text into an audio production. Thus, those with visual impairment no longer have to rely on publishers to release audio versions of the books they publish.

Benefits of Text-To-Speech Technology in the Audiobook Industry

Text-to-speech technology has been a game changer in the audiobook industry. Automation has resulted in greater efficiency, accessibility, and diversity. Some of the main benefits of this technology in the audiobook industry include:

·  Automated narration of any text. You don’t have to wait for the audio version of the book to be published. This technology narrates any text.

·  More natural narrations with diverse voice options. This technology not only reads the text with a more natural flow but also offers a wide variety of voice options. You can choose an accent that you prefer. Some software options even add emotion to the narration, making it more immersive and engaging.

Revolutionary Mobile Text-to-Speech Gadget

MyEye Pro, from Vision Matters, is a revolutionary text-to-speech gadget designed to bring you Smart Reading. While the device is paired with glasses, it is not designed to enhance the user’s vision. However, pairing the device with glasses makes it easily portable. You don’t have to bring an extra device around with you. There is also little chance of forgetting your text-to-speech device. MyEye Pro goes with you wherever you go.

MyEye Pro is a groundbreaking text-to-speech feature that harnesses the power of Natural Language Understanding for its Smart Reading feature. Smart Reading allows you to find specific information in any document that you’re looking at faster than other text-to-speech tools can. Smart Reading allows you to use voice commands to search for words, headlines, amounts or any other information within the text you are viewing.

MyEye Pro is a great option for those who are visually impaired or blind. It is currently one of the most advanced wearable assistive devices that can not only read text and convert it to speech but also recognize faces, identify products, and much more. The device is easy to use as it is intuitive and even responds to hand gestures. There is therefore no need to learn special commands, gestures or software. Simply wear the glasses and go about your day as you would.

MyEye Pro offers many advantages over other similar text-to-speech devices in the market. The device is lightweight and small. It can be magnetically mounted onto your eyeglass frames. You can ensure that you have your text-to-speech device with you whenever you need it, leaving no room for surprises. 

The device can work anywhere. It can connect to the internet wirelessly. However, it does not require an internet connection to work. The intuitive device responds to voice commands, making it even easier to use. It can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as your smartphone, laptop, or even your headphones or speakers. You can enjoy reading a book with great sound quality.


Access to audiobooks was once limited to those books available in audiobook formats. However, with the emergence and advancements in text-to-speech generators, any book and in fact, any text can be converted into an audiobook. With text-to-speech gadgets that are small and mobile such as MyEye Pro, the world is more accessible to those with vision impairment.