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Accessories for Vision Devices

About Our Accessories

Technology designed to help those living with a vision impairment often benefit from accessories that help those using these devices get the most out of their investment.  Some accessories offer users a more comfortable setting while others have a more practical application.  Accessories are sometimes offered by the manufacturer while others are often provided by distributors that often deliver and train users on their new equipment.  Accessories from Vision Matters include:

Height Adjustable Cart

Desktop electronic magnifiers, with their larger monitors and built-in moveable XY tray, typically have the largest footprint in the line of electronic magnifiers and most will benefit from having their own space and place.  A sturdy cart with wheels gives users the option to put their desktop magnifier in a location that makes them easily accessible and off of a surface like the dining room table.  An important and secondary benefit of a height adjustable cart is setting the height lower than a standard 30” tabletop.  Our experience over the years tells us that a table height of about 24”-25” brings the moveable XY tray down to a user’s lap level which provides a most comfortable position for navigating around their reading materials sitting on the XY tray.  When equipped with wheels, the cart with a reading machine can be moved from location to location as needed.

Clear Plexiglas

Reading materials don’t always want to lay flat.  An opened book has pages that vary in height from the left edge of a page to the right.  The spine of a book creates this ‘uneven’ height across the page which can be difficult for a desktop electronic magnifier to focus on the text as users read across a magnified line of text.  The simple and inexpensive solution is a piece of clear plexiglas that will hold the pages down and create a flatter, easy to focus page of text.

Moveable XY Tray

Mobile electronic magnifiers do not come equipped with a moveable XY tray.  A stand alone XY tray is very beneficial for many of the mobile electronic devices giving users the same benefit found in desktop magnifiers where the XY tray is an integral part of the  product.

Reading Stand

With the innovation of portable OCR (text to speech) devices like OrCam Read, having a reading stand to set reading materials upright is very beneficial.  Users’ hands are now free to operate their OCR device without needing to hold their reading materials.

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